Staying Connected

Lyle Dosch

Dosch Ag Ventures, Anaheim, Saskatchewan

Lyle and his brother Carl operate Dosch Ag Ventures, a 6,200 acre mixed grain and oilseed farm located near Anaheim, Saskatchewan.

Lyle has been receiving the grain marketing advice from AgChieve since 2008. He appreciates the daily texts and advice as well as the opportunity to talk in person to an AgChieve advisor.

Staying connected with his AgChieve advisor has paid off handsomely for Lyle over the years. AgCheive helps Lyle strengthen his grain marketing plan as well as provide valuable advice on when to sell his unsold grain inventories.

Second Opinion

Oscar Johnson

Northland Seeds Inc., Margo, Saskatchewan

Oscar and his son Lee operate a 7,000 acre grain farm and retail seed business - Northland Seeds Inc. - in Margo, Saskatchewan.

Oscar & Lee watch the markets closely and routinely utilize risk management strategies when marketing their grain. The grain marketing advice and sell recommendations from AgChieve fit nicely into Oscar’s plans as they provide a valuable 2nd opinion.

Oscar always gives one of the grain marketing advisors at AgChieve a call prior to making final decisions on pricing grain.

Professional Opinion

Dennis Fornwald

BDT Farms, Lampman, Saskatchewan

Dennis and his brothers Blake & Todd operate BDT Farms, an 8,200 acre mixed grain and oilseed farm located near Lampman, Saskatchewan. The brothers are united in an opinion, they believe their ability to effectively market their grain will be the difference between a good year and a very good year, even with a bumper crop.

Daily texts and emails from AgChieve keep each of the brothers informed of market trends. Grain sell recommendations triggered by resistance signals on the charts at or near a market peak helps the brothers make informed grain selling decisions. Although grain is not always sold at these times, the brothers appreciate that if they do sell, they are not selling into a market valley.

“Selling on the way up a peak or at peak is always a better strategy than selling in a market valley or trough.”

Professional Advisor

Beric Haukaas

Haukaas Farms, Mortlach, saskatchewan

Beric and his wife Lori own and operate Haukaas Farms which is 4 generations strong. They seed over 12,000 acres of mixed grains, pulses, and oilseeds. The farm is located near Mortlach, Saskatchewan. Beric is also involved in his family’s manufacturing business.

As a busy farmer, entrepreneur, and father of 4, Beric requires assistance from various professional disciplines including banker, accountant, lawyer, agronomist and grain marketing advisor.

Since 2008, Beric has relied on the grain marketing expertise from AgChieve to help him make his grain selling decisions. Beric doesn’t always have time to focus on the dynamics of the markets. What he needs and wants is trusted advise from experts who are making recommendations independently from local and regional grain buyers. David Drozd and his team of professionals help Beric by prompting him to make important grain selling decisions that when acted upon, directly impact the cash flow of his entire operation.

Beric trusts the experts at AgChieve because they have a long proven record of making better decisions and are completely independent.