Sell Your Grain With Confidence

Grain Marketing Experts from AgChieve provide timely information on wheat, canola, soybeans and 20 other commodities as well as valuable sell recommendations to producers in Western Canada.

AgChieve delivers this information in three convenient advisory programs. Each program can be customized to ensure you only receive the information on the commodity you are looking for.

3 Advisory programs to choose from:
AgChieve program packages

Each program features the valuable sell recommendations producers need to avoid selling their grain at market lows.

Grain Marketing Experts at AgChieve

Led by David Drozd, the grain marketing experts at AgChieve are a group of technical grain marketing analysts who practice a strict discipline of studying the markets. Technical grain marketing analysts are more commonly referred to as chart analysts. Chart analysts are firm in their belief in the market’s ability “to tell or predict” its next move.

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Sell Recommendations

  • AgChieve typically makes between 6-12 recommendations to sell different ag commodities per month
  • Producers can pick and choose the crops and ag commodities they want advice and sell recommendations for
  • Customized grain sell recommendation plans and unlimited access to an AgChieve grain marketing expert is available

Sell recommendations from AgChieve always occur at a market peak where “resistance” signals are identified. Farmers who take this advice will benefit from receiving a market high recommendation greater than 80% of the time. Less than 20% of the time the market will push through the resistance identified and create a new market high or peak. Farmers who take AgChieve’s advice still make out adequately as they have been provided advice to sell a portion of their crop at or near a market peak and more important for many, avoided selling at a market low.

Field Wheat Alert Sell Recommendation

Sell Strategies Make a Big Difference

Producers who sell a portion of their production throughout the year, for example, sell 20% of production at a time will consistently say the sell recommendations from AgChieve helped them earn more money. In most cases the farmers surveyed indicate they benefited from the sell recommendations from AgChieve by not selling their grain at a market low.

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“Most producers surveyed, detest selling their grain at a market low.”

David Drozd of AgChieve has learned over the years that what his clients appreciate the most is his assistance in making sure they avoid selling their grain at a market low.

Why AgChieve? – Why Purchase AgChieve Grain Advisory Programs?

Producers profit or benefit from AgChieve recommendations by:

  • Selling or hedging more grain at or towards market peaks
  • Selling less grain during market lows
  • Planning a sell strategy using sell recommendations from AgChieve helps producers take control of their cash flow

Who Benefits The Most From Sell Recommendations from AgChieve?

  • Producers who sell their grain throughout the year
  • Producers who despise selling large amounts of their grain in market lows or valleys
  • Producers with limited grain storage
  • Producers seeking a customized plan for managing cash flow against their specific needs (For example extra cash flow for snow-birds prior to leaving for winter vacation)

David Drozd President & Senior Grain Marketing Analyst

David Drozd is a graduate in Agriculture from the University of Manitoba with more than 20 years of family grain farming experience. His off farm work in the 90's as a commodities broker led him to found one of Western Canada's earliest grain marketing advisory firms in 2002.

David's unique understanding of grain markets, from both farmer and commodity broker perspectives, has helped him build AgChieve Corporation into an industry leading advisory firm, delivering favourable marketing results to hundreds of clients across the prairies. His columns on marketing appear in The Manitoba Co-operator, Crops Guide, Grain News, and other ag industry publications. He is a frequent speaker at agri-business events including; Farm Tech, Ag-Days, The Crop Production Show and Keystone Agricultural Producers.

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