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We help Farmers sell their grain for more

By recommending successful grain marketing strategies, we’re able to help farmers realize higher grain prices.

“It’s a no brainer to sell when AgChieve makes a recommendation.” – Dennis Fornwald

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About us

AgChieve is Canada’s premier professional grain marketing advisory firm, now celebrating 20 years of service. We were established to help prairie farmers market their grain for more, and our niche is charting and technical analysis. This expertise allows us to cut through the noise and make recommendations for selling at or near market highs and avoiding the inevitable lows.



I do not have time to watch the market. I rely on AgChieve for their insight and what to do. I’ve made more money than ever these past 2 years by listening to AgChieve’s recommendations. By selling my grain early on, I was able to pay cash for my fertilizer. It doesn’t take very many loads to pay for their subscription.

Dave Woywitka

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What our clients are saying

AgChieve is the resource we’ve been looking for – for a long time. It’s a great tool to help farmers, and we like the fact that there’s another set of eyes and ears watching for us when we’re busy.

– Greg,SK

"We really like the charts. The way David explains technical analysis allows us to learn it for ourselves. It’s both informative and educational."

Beric Haukaas
Mortlach, Saskatchewan

"I Would say AgChieve has helped me become a better marketer by following the futures and understanding the difference between exchange prices and cash prices, as well as helping me market my canola and oats to elevator companies."

– Chuck, MB

"My stress level from marketing has been much lower thanks to AgChieve."

– Murray, AB

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