Who is AgChieve?

The grain marketing experts at AgChieve provide independent, unbiased advice to hundreds of farm operations across the prairies! We are active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin, posting videos, charts and current topics of interest. Our new app provides our clients with up-to-date marketing info on the go!

AgChieve delivers valuable information in three convenient advisory packages. Each package can be customized to ensure you receive the information on all the commodities you are looking for, the exact way you want it.

Why AgChieve?

Many producers get caught selling into the lows of the market rather than selling at the highs. At AgChieve we teach the discipline to hold off and wait for opportunities at the higher end of the market.

Our team continually analyzes the charts and data, in both the futures and cash markets, on over 20 commodities for you, alerting you when action is required via text, email, phone, app, resource centre, fax and mail.

Our advisors come from many areas of the agriculture industry, some with more than 30 years experience. This allows us to relate to producers and their operations.

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Producers profit from AgChieve by:

  • Selling or hedging more grain at or near market highs
  • Avoiding selling grain at market lows
  • Planning sell strategies using our recommendations to help take control of cash flow

AgChieve is right for you if:

  • You sell your grain throughout the year
  • You have limited storage
  • You are looking for a customized plan to manage cash flow for your specific needs

Sell Recommendations

  • AgChieve makes valuable sell recommendations on both old and new crop for various commodities throughout the year
  • Producers can customize their package by choosing which commodities they want to receive sell recommendations for
  • Personal marketing plans, including sell targets, and unlimited access to AgChieve’s Grain Marketing Experts are available

Sell recommendations from AgChieve are made at or near a market high where chart patterns called “reversal patterns” are recognized. AgChieve utilizes technical analysis and charting to identify areas of resistance and support in the futures, allowing our clients to set target prices in the cash markets.

Field Wheat Alert Sell Recommendation

Sell Strategies Make a Big Difference

The key is knowing when to sell at or near a market high and avoid the inevitable lows. Our clients tell us that the sell recommendations from AgChieve help them minimize stress, reduce uncertainty, and manage storage and cash flow requirements.

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